Dani W

Crazy People

My name is „W" – Dani W born in April 1974. 1993 I ve been travelling through Asia and stranded by chance in India – more exactly in the stae district of Goa. At this occasion I experienced my first „electronic music party" at X-mas. It did impress me very much so consequently I bought my first mixer and turntable in the middleof the year 1994. I started DJing with Trance music and moved around through the RaveScene for about 1.5 years – also taking care of particular „party decorations". Mid 1996 I „finally took off" and had my first DJing Party experience on a PSY Trance party. End of 1996 at the occasion of my 2nd Asia trip I did my first DJ job in Thailand. Since 1997 one could find me more often as DJ on many partys in Germany and Switzerland. Following I became a long year lasting resident DJ of the legendary Moonmilk club in Zurich. In 1999 I fouded the 5 to 12 Crew together with DJ Matthias – well – we did a lot of partys together under this label. In 1999 Matthias and I got our first booking from the „Crazy people" It was indeed a famous party as the wild storm „Lothar" inhibited everybody from leaving the location. Unfortunately the Moonmilk Club was closed in 2001. Afterwards I played on numberous Crazy partys until I finally joined the Crazies - … and will certainly remain a „Crazy". Since that time we did and do organize parties in Germany, France, Lithuania (Ragana festivals) and Switzerland. Some Party highlits Dj. Dani w : Stargate 1+2, Streetparade (2001 + 2004), ZOOM-festival (2001,2004), Ausklang-Festival (D), Ragana-festival in Lithuenia(2001+2002), BAMBUZINA-festival (HH, D) New Vision- festival 1+2 (D), Save club Hamburg (into a Save),6 Halfmoon - Festivals(2006+2010+2011+2012 Koh- Phangan Thailand) Swiss meets Berlin (Berlin D) Partys in Indonesia 2008 , Burning Mountain Festival 2011/2012/2013, Summer Never Ends Festival 2013/2015, One love Festival 2014/2015/2016 and many more … More than that I do record and produce my own music and styles . since several years. The project „Groove complex" was established end of 2008 . Since april 2011 Label D j./Manager(Progressive) from DNA Records Israel.